Department of Biological and Environmental Chemistry

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Our interest is in the development of new interdisciplinary technologies for future prospects of humanity and the environment based on our expertise in biology and chemistry. In addition to this academic activity, our education is aiming at encouraging talents who can lead the fields of biotechnology, environment, food, energy, and new functional materials. Three programs: "Bioscience", "Science of Food and Biological Resources", and the "Science of Energy and Environment" have been established for the three specific fields of bioscience, food science, and environmental chemistry, which constitute well-organized educational programs involving specialized lectures and laboratory work. Another feature of this department is its remarkable activity in cooperation with industry, which has led to our more than 40 patent applications, 30 of which have been transferred to companies for investigation into their practical application.

Bioscience program
The educational program covers basic bio-science and the latest biotechnology, for the purpose of nurturing engineers and researchers in the fields of medicine, food, chemistry, environment, and agriculture.

Science of food and biological resources
The educational program covers basic bio-science and the latest biotechnology, for the purpose of nurturing engineers and researchers in the fields of medicine, food, chemistry, environment, and agriculture.

Science of energy and environment program
Important topics are environmental and energy issues which are essential for the sustainability of human life. Protection and improvement of the environment as well as development of clean energy sources are the main focuses, along with scoping development of advanced technology for the next century.

department of electric and electronic engineering

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The talented individuals nurtured and developed in this department are set to become the next leaders of various fields of industry. They will create and support a comfortable future for humanity. There are three programs, "Applied Electronics", "Energy and Environmental Engineering", and "Information and Communication Technology", from which you can choose the most suitable one for your specific purposes. Basics and advanced programs are prepared for learning electronics and information technology that involve design and fabrication of computers, logic circuits for LSI design, programming and internet technology for system engineering, power electronics, power generation and transmission. Furthermore, these elements are integrated into "embedded systems" through which you will acquire expertise in both hardware and software.

Applied electronics program
The educational program is arranged so that the students can master skills of digital technology, analogue technology, hardware, and software, to become experts of the international standard.

Energy and Environmental engineering program
Knowledge and skills to deal with environmentally-friendly renewable energy sources, the assurance of high stability and reliable supply, as well as knowledge of elect ronic proper ty technology and design of electro-devices can be acquired through this program.

information and communication technology Program
A wide variety of technologies that support the current IT-based society involving computers for mobile phones and remote controllers, software for controlling robots, as well as theories and skills of information communication systems will be acquired.

Department of Architecture and Design

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The keyword describing an education in this department is "Creativity" for real environments including architecture, urban design, landscape, industrial products, websites, etc. This "Creativity" is based on a fine balance of technology, culture, humanities, and social science. After completing the educational programs in this department, you will be a building or industrial designer with an understanding of environmental issues such as ecology, community and universal design. You will, furthermore, obtain the concepts of humanity-oriented technology and engineering ethics. Two programs, the "Architecture and Building Engineering Program" and the "Architecture and Design Program", are provided by this department to help bolster your career. Choose either of them to accomplish your own goals. In both programs, you will learn both the engineering skills and the relevant concepts necessary for solving social problems. We also provide training programs for professional presentation skills.

Architecture and Building Engineering Program
The goal of the educational courses in this program is to help students acquire the comprehensive and professional knowledge and skills of architecture including building structure, materials, building equipment and construction methods. Besides obtaining the engineering skills matching global standards, you will be a candidate for a level 1 professional architecture license after the completion of this course.

Architecture and Design Program
You will have the educational courses in both architecture and industrial design in this program. You will learn four aspects of architecture: planning, structures, building environments and construction. You will also learn universal design through information, product and environmental design. You will be a candidate for at least a level 2 professional architecture license after the completion of this course.

Department of Information and Computer Science

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Information is recognized as widespread in every level of our society and has become essential for modern life. Information is constantly expanding its possibilities and evolving its presence and style. In dealing with information, the most significant points are to be able to make decisions, to manage and to make use of such information that is becoming increasingly complex and diversified. In our department, you will experience and become familiar with various forms and scientific handling of information. We aim to foster individuals who can work in a wide range of fields, from the development of information infrastructure, within cultural industries, and the field of data analysis. To achieve this purpose, we provide three programs: Information Engineering, Media Information and Data Science.

Information engineering Program
This program cultivates those who will be active in the forefront of the development of information infrastructure for the internet society. This program will equip you with a wide range of knowledge and technology concerning the construction of information systems, their analysis, design and development. For this purpose, we provide education for basic knowledge of hardware, networks, database, algorithms, analysis, design, operation of information systems, security, and advanced technologies such as cloud technology, embedded systems and more.

Media information Program
This program cultivates those who are engaged in businesses involving creative industries, equipping them with knowledge of information media and procedures to produce media content. For this purpose, we provide education for basic knowledge on the role of information media in social life, intellectual property rights, internet services, and business. Also, we provide education for product skills in media content such as computer music, computer graphics and digital video. Further, there are courses for learning Web design, Web programming, and Web analysis technology.

Data science program
This program cultivates those who are active in marketing and data analysis in enterprises, equipping them with procedural knowledge and skills to extract useful information from Big data and to make use of it for analysis and prediction. For this purpose, we offer education on basics such as statistical analysis, data visualization, and databases, as well as data analysis, methods of data mining, machine learning, optimization for knowledge discovery, advanced technology simulation, and model identification.

Department of management and business

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The educational principle of the Department of Management and Business accords with the founding principle of Kindai University and the admission policy of our Faculty. The globalizing world requires business people to have practical management skills, a wide view of international relationships, and communication skills. Our two programs, the "Business Management Program" and the "Global Management Program", aim to train students to acquire practical skills in the business sector and business manners. The Business Management Program focuses on learning practical management and business, and the Global Management Program focuses on management and business in the communication between local communities and global societies. The department has a wide range of classes such as culture, politics, technology, and social systems, in addition to the basic theory and methods of management. The education program includes frequent colloquiums focusing on practical training and seminars for each of the grades. These colloquiums enable effective education with careful and close communication between students and professors.

Business management program
A wide range of business administration and accounting concepts, from theories to applications, will be mastered, while learning industrial aspects of companies. Skills and theories for accounting and marketing will be acquired. Cultural studies, history and international relationships are also important subjects within the courses.

Global management program
This program puts emphasis on courses for understanding the globalizing world. Some of them require students to study abroad in Korea, Taiwan or the United Kingdom. Each seminar has fewer than 10 people, and offer plenty of opportunities for discussion.